Everything Apple Announced: iPhone X, iPhone 8, Face ID, Animoji, Apple Watch, Apple TV

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When Apple first introduced the Apple Watch, its promise was to free you from your phone. Now, with Apple Watch Series 3, that’s almost possible. The new model comes with cellular

data built-in, so you can leave your phone at home while you go for a jog or take a phone call while you’re catching a wave. (Why, you ask? Because you can!) That connectivity brings with it a new version of Siri, integration with Maps, and starting next month, Apple Music, so you can carry 40 million songs on your wrist. It still has all your favorite fitness features, like heart rate monitoring, plus smart activity coaching and a GymKit integration that pairs your watch to your gym equipment. The Series 3 starts at $329 without cellular coverage or $399 with, and ships September 22. Read all about the new Apple Watch here.