Rapid7 CEO: Rethink IT and security organizational structures

Companies are under constant pressure to innovate in today’s fast-paced business environment. That might mean creating a better product, improving efficiency, or creating a better customer experience. Unfortunately, the security function

tends to be separate from the innovation process or, worse, after the innovation has created a new vulnerability.

That problem will persist unless companies rethink their organizational structures around IT and security. That’s the message that Rapid7 CEO Corey Thomas is delivering in his keynote today at the company’s United2017 event in Boston. He believes that IT and security teams can work together effectively to innovate, create a better user experience, and adopt new technology without increasing the vulnerability surface.

Thomas sees security and IT functioning separately in most organizations. “Siloes are killing the organization,” says Thomas in an exclusive interview with CSO. “Breaking down the siloes and engineering automation solutions to solve some of the persistent vulnerabilities is a solvable problem.”

Why is security often an afterthought?

Organizational siloes that keep security at arm’s length don’t work. How many times have we seen these stories play out?