6 new and noteworthy security features in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Among the new features that the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update offers are six new ways to enhance or better manage security settings. They include options to limit app access to

your personal data and the ability to better protect folders, devices and executables, The step-by-step instructions below show how to make the best use of the new security features.

1. Cortana

The settings for Microsoft’s intelligent agent have been relocated to the Settings app. (When you click the Settings icon on the Cortana tool’s panel, it now jumps to the Settings app.)

Windows 10 Fall Creator Cortana 1Microsoft

Find Cortana under Windows Settings

Under the Cortana settings category, click "Permissions & history" to manage how Cortana accesses your personal information as you’re using Windows 10 and Microsoft online services.

Cortana Windows 10 Fall Creator 2Microsoft

Manage Cortana settings under "Permissions & history"

2. Exploit guard

EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit) was a Microsoft tool which would prevent malicious code from exploiting security flaws in Windows systems. Microsoft retired it, but has implemented several of its features into the Fall Creators Update. Most of the tools of Exploit Guard are turned on by default. To see what they are and to adjust them individually, launch the Windows Defender Security Center app. (It’s listed on the app list in the Start menu.) Click "App & browser control."